About Us


Smartface is a design and technology company providing professional services across the entire digital space.

We understand precisely how to deliver remarkable results for diverse and growing organisations.


  • are a team of highly skilled professionals
  • have years of experience
  • deliver high profile projects that have significant impact in the way people use technology.
  • will challenge your business strategy and ensure the true objectives are identified
  • use design to entice, communicate and create relationships with your users
  • work in partnership with organisations across the public, private and not for profit sectors
  • provide support that puts us above the rest of the competition. We are accessible and responsive.
  • rigorously test our work and involve you in the quality assurance
  • hand craft solutions to fit your exact requirements

What excites us? Partnering with a diverse range of organisations using design and technology to bring change and sustainability.

Our clients are the biggest advocates of our proven approach to user experience (UX) and interaction design.

Our process   Simple and effective.

We meet with you to discuss your requirements and identify your goals and objectives. We take the time to properly understand the needs of your organisation and the needs of your users and how we can bridge the gap between them.

We then work with your team to formulate a strategy to achieve those goals and look for opportunities to further increase your efficiency. We analyse your internal systems and processes and integrate where possible.

We create wire frames and prototypes to test ideas and communicate possible solutions to your team while keeping the workflow lean and agile.

We then bring it to life by using visual design to entice, communicate and create relationships with your users.

Finally, we add interactivity and create memorable user experiences. Using a combination of innovative functionality, developed specifically for your project, and proven technologies, we deliver solutions that are scalable as your needs evolve.

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Strategy & Design

Understand, Define, Imagine, Create, Iterate, Workshop, Refine, Explore


Build, Solidify, Qualify Assurance, prove Concepts, Integrate, Deploy, Prototype, Deliver


Identify, Analyse, Review, Propose, Learn, Strengthen, Report